EzraBorn and raised in the Southeast Asian country in the Western Pacific, Philippines, Ezra moved to Australia at the age of 13. She spent all of her adult life in three cities Down Under before packing up and moving to London, England’s capital, and then Yeosu, South Korea, where she currently resides.

“Moving to new places is no foreign to me. I have my entire life to be comfortable at one place and bask in the familiarity of it. Right now i want to keep moving, to open my heart and dip my toes into something new, fresh and life-changing.”


An International Tourism and Hotel Management graduate from Griffith University, bilingual in English and Tagalog, Ezra’s passion for travelling stems from an unparalleled desire to learn about other cultures, cuisine, spontaneous adventures, experience lands far flung, and navigate unchartered territory.

Her thirst for being at one with nature in the great outdoors and telling stories through capturing a moment, via videos and images, encapsulates her Wondering Wayfaring way.


“I love unlatching myself from the comforts of the familiar and place myself in the middle of chaos. Making the decision to become a foreigner, an outsider, to be uncomfortable, I perpetually seek for experiences that makes my pulse race and heart bend. I don’t know what i’ll find or who i’ll meet, but i know the world is in front of me – with nothing but open sky and limitless possibilities.”


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