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Sunday’s here once again and the desire for our Weekly Travel Feature will never wane.

Like the banks of the Mekong Delta spilling over, you’ve flooded onto our WTF scene faster than a hostile takeover.

WTF is our somewhat new series that features a travel blog or article from across the travel world deserving of the highest acclaim. Lesh and Jazza, this week’s highest regards are rushing your way like an rampant, uncontrollable deluge.

Your blog is appealing on the eye and easy to navigate but more importantly has the kind of enriching content adventure travellers and backpackers endeavour to find.

For the purpose of this piece, I’d like to focus our attention on Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Adventure, a piece Jazza wrote in October.

Reading about your 1,500 km motorbike expedition across North Vietnam kindles my adventurous side. And I imagine the same can be said for so many other travellers who have read the article.

It’s an inspiring voyage jam-packed with intrigue, excitement, cultural discovery, danger and high-octane entertainment.

The post itself sets a scene through pleasing images and wonderfully written pros, which are both highly informative and a joy to read. Below is one of my favourite excerpts from the post:

“Mountains rise dramatically from the pastures like gargantuan bee hives. Rice terraces stagger down valleys, mimicking the steps of mythical giants. Southeast Asia’s deepest canyon scars the landscape. Ethnic minority villages that still remain untouched from tourist development are readily accessible, if you can find the way.”

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of navigating their blog, click the link. I can assure you it won’t be decision you have to rethink.

Thanks again for keeping alive the travel dream and joining, with the highest esteem, our Weekly Travel Feature team.


Let us Wonder together in a Wayfaring way!

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