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WTF Back to Buckley

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WTF Back 2 Buckley!

Sunday, with time evaporating faster than water dropped on a car hood in the outback, has once again arrived on our doorstep.

Like an approaching ferocious storm, you, Back to Buckley, have popped onto our Doppler Radar and blown into the Weekly Travel Feature (WTF) fray.

WTF is our new series that features a travel blog or article from across the worldwide web worthy of the highest praise. Those decorated honours, Jess Harding, land solely on your doorstep this week.

Back to Buckley’s layout is visually appealing and easy to navigate. It is image led, but has well-written pros to complement the alluring visuals.

Must-See Snapshots of St Kilda Melbourne, the blog article we are focussing on today, has dozens of thumbnail storytelling images to augment its 12 must-see Melbourne attractions. The article is replete with detail, describing directions and highlighting costs while adding a dash of historical context to boot.

Reinforcing the detailed directions, Jess has embedded a map of must-see snapshots at the tail end of the post. Clear, colourful and concise, the article takes you on a journey that can be bettered only by actually venturing to St Kilda and experiencing the “eclectic art and music culture scene” yourself.

Below is a short excerpt from the aforementioned post.

“Visit the Sunday St Kilda Esplanade Arts and Craft Market and join hoards of visitors shopping for that special one-of-a-kind gift. Dishing up a smorgasbord of hand crafted and locally produced art, craft and homewares, you’ll find stalls stretched along the beach side of the Upper Esplanade, between the big mouth of Luna Park and the Esplanade Hotel.”

Thanks for joining the WTF clan, Back to Buckley. You’re among like-minded friends, all of whom are living with an unbridled desire to meet new people, discover different cultures and saunter across unchartered land.

All images featured on this post are the property of Back to Buckley.

Let us Wonder together in a Wayfaring way!

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WTF Two Drifters

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WTF Two Drifters! I sat at home, on a day like any other, sifting through the mounds of content for which Twitter timelines are renowned. Scouring for all the required ingredients, I stumbled onto your blog post, 10 Things Not to Do When Traveling As A Couple, and knew it was a perfect match for our Weekly Travel Feature (WTF).

Resonating on a personal level, I was almost immediately drawn to the article. I was assured it was the right fit after reading the first few sentences. The post is well-written, informative and useful for any couples planning on embarking on their travels in tow.

You’ve written about a topic you know like the back of your hand. It’s personable, succinct and full of truths, truths you’d only be apprised of with the relevant experience.

If you haven’t yet had a gander at Two Drifters, we highly recommend it. In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from the aforementioned post.

“I think Instagram has given us unreasonable expectations. About looks, food, pets…but especially travel. With carefully curated galleries and photos pre-planned down to the minutest detail, it can be easy to believe that your holidaymaking will be or must be one for the record books. In truth, it probably will, but only if you keep your expectations true to life. If you choose to, you will enjoy romantic sunsets. You will have elegant meals. You will stroll hand in hand along the canals in Venice. But remember, life is not a movie, it is not a fairy tale, and it is not what you see in picture-perfect Instagram photos. Embrace the good and the bad of couples travel, and you will be in for an unforgettable treat.”

Sourcing a well-written blog is almost as satisfying as a hot shower at the end of a tedious travel day. A self-proclaimed puritan of the written word, I take great solace in encountering travel blogs with enriching and engaging content. Amy, Nathan, thanks for sharing and, more importantly, making us both bellow WTF.

You’re our second Weekly Travel Feature, but let us assure you, it’s been just as pleasurable as the first. We look forward to reading more of your work. Nasdrovia (cheers in Russian) all the way from Korea.

The Wondering Wayfarers wish you well.

Two Drifters own all rights to this blog post’s feature post.

Let us Wonder together in a Wayfaring way!



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