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WTF Four Around The World!

Last week, like a cheetah chasing its prey, flew by so fast we missed our usual entry on Sunday. But don’t dismay as this edition of WTF makes its appearance without further delay.

Akin to a tsunami’s power, speed and wrath, you, Four Around The World, have flown onto our Weekly Travel Feature path faster than an overflowing bath.

WTF is a series that features a travel blog or article from across the worldwide web worthy of the highest praise. After scouring the travel blogging maze, we came across your site and couldn’t alter our gaze.

A few weeks back we featured Wyld Family Travel and are pleased as punch to vault another family travel blog into the limelight.

We don’t yet have a family (I can barely take care of myself) but truly admire what your blog stands for. Making memories they’ll forever cherish, you’re instilling in Lily and Violet the unrivalled importance of travel.

All experiences, even if they’re too young to remember their first trips, are documented and imprinted on Four Around the World as part of your lifelong memoirs. It’s something they’ll both perpetually cherish, especially when they come of age.

We wholeheartedly concur with the importance you place on travel and cannot wait to read more of your forthcoming family adventures. If you haven’t yet had a gander at their inspirational blog, we ask that you do. You won’t regret meeting the Connors crew.

Here’s an excerpt from one of our favourite posts, Neuschwanstein Castle: A Real Life Fairytale Castle: It’s as magical as it is colourful and informative.

“The castle itself is set high on a hill with the most stunning natural bushland surrounds. We had quite a wait before our tour began so we had time to enjoy the views from just outside the castle entrance. All the snow capped trees looked magical, all white and fluffy from afar.”

You’ve joined our WTF family, so here’s to the Connors crew. We cherish you and admire what you do. Happy holidays and safe travels from the Wondering Wayfarers, too!

Let us Wonder together in a Wayfaring way!



December 23, 2015at 6:22 pm

Thanks so much for the feature. Have a great Christmas :)


    December 25, 2015at 9:37 pm

    Our pleasure Holly. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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