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WTF Wyld Family Travel

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WTF Wyld Family Travel!

Sunday, with time flying by faster than a high-speed Japanese bullet train, has come yet again. And that can only mean one thing.

Well, it means many things but only one of which makes us tingle from head to toe. We’ve searched high and low and you, Wyld Family Travel, have put one hell of a show.

Like a powerful twisting tornado, you’ve turned your way onto our radar and are now a part of the Weekly Travel Feature (WTF) team.

WTF is our somewhat new series that features a travel blog or article from across the travel world deserving of the highest acclaim. Our most meaningful and sincerest of plaudits, Mark, Bec, Willow and Marley, are on display and flying your way.

Your blog, Wyld Family Travel, has an abundance of meaningful travel information and engages with wonderful narrative.

For us, though, it’s your overall message – and what it stands for – which bears the most fruit. It’s no easy feat to travel the world as a family. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it must take mounds of patience, unremitting dedication and a surplus of perseverance to explore lands anew as a unified team.

Reading about your family’s travel adventures is as inspiring as it is motivating.
Here’s an excerpt from their blog about the importance of travelling as a family.

“In a world with increasingly less family time available we believe traveling with our kids can only make us a closer knit family and make our kids more balanced and accepting children by exposing them to different cultures and nationalities along the way.”

If you haven’t yet scoured the innards of their blog, we urge you to click the link. We promise all aspects of it will be in sync with how most travellers feel and think.

Thanks Wyld Family Travel for joining our WTF team. Keep hold of your dreams, always apply sun cream (forgive me for reminding Australians about sun cream) and forever enjoy eating chocolate ice cream.

The feature image is property of Wyld Family Travel

Let us Wonder together in a Wayfaring way!

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